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Discover comfort and wellness with our range of innovative massagers, under desk bikes, in-bed leg presses, and resistance bands. Perfect for individuals managing leg muscle weakness, recovering from strokes or surgeries, tackling orthopedic challenges, or simply prioritizing their overall well-being.

The MOVAO MINI was created to benefit many. 

1. Post-Surgery Recovery
   - ACL reconstruction surgery
   - PCL reconstruction surgery
   - Total knee replacement (TKR)
   - Hip replacement surgery
   - Rotator cuff repair surgery
   - Fractures of the lower extremities
2. Injury Rehabilitation
   - Knee injuries (e.g., meniscus tear, ligament strains)
   - Hip injuries (e.g., hip flexor strain, hip labral tear)
   - Lower extremity fractures or sprains
   - Shoulder injuries (e.g., shoulder dislocation, shoulder impingement)
3. Chronic Conditions
   - Osteoarthritis of the knees or hips
   - Degenerative joint diseases
   - Chronic knee or hip pain
4. Neurological Conditions
   - Stroke
   - Parkinson's disease
   - Multiple sclerosis
5. General Rehabilitation
   - Muscle weakness or atrophy
   - Limited mobility or range of motion in the lower extremities
   - Rehabilitation following prolonged bed rest or immobilization
In each of these cases, an in-bed leg press can offer a safe and controlled way to strengthen muscles, improve range of motion, promote circulation, and aid in overall recovery and rehabilitation. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if an in-bed leg press is appropriate for your specific condition and to receive guidance on its proper use.